Seeds and Greens

Story and Photos by JD Dotson

I am generally a creature of habit in a lot of things: morning routines, food choices, workouts. Lately, all of that has been switched up as I prepare myself for big changes in my health and wellness. My workouts have drastically changed as has my diet.

A good start to becoming a better, healthier person is to be conscientious of everything I put in my body, from food and drink to supplements. Seeds and Greens Natural Market and Deli in New Albany is an easy starting place, and I like to start anything off with a full belly.sag2

One thing I am happily stuck on and will order on every visit to Seeds and Greens is the Seeds and Greens Smoothie with an extra shot of protein. The smoothie is a blend of spinach, kale, peaches, almond milk, hemp seeds and flax seeds. It is beautifully green, sweetened by the peach and delicious.

On the day of my visit, for lunch, in addition to my smoothie, I ordered the Quinoa Veggie Bowl, a mix of grilled broccoli, carrots and mushrooms with quinoa, teriyaki sauce. Quinoa is a gluten-free grain, high in protein and amino acids, fiber, iron, potassium, calcium and a host of other vitamins and antioxidants. On recommendation, I chose a seasonal side of Asian Kale Slaw. Everything was perfectly seasoned, filling and wonderful. The best thing about my lunch is that it didn’t taste like I was giving anything up or missing out.

sag3In addition to all kinds of good nutritious smoothies, Seeds and Greens offers slow cold-press juices, teas, coffee, beer and wine. The menu ranges from various kinds of meat and veggie paninis, deli sandwiches, bean burgers, soups and all kinds of salads, as well as made to order omelets and a Greens, Eggs and Ham Sandwich for breakfast. Every item on the menu and the helves of the grocery is organic and natural, including local grass-fed meats and eggs.

Those of us in Southern Indiana looking for a change in diet and lifestyle are in a great position having Seeds and Greens Natural Market and Deli in our midst. I want to be a good person, and I want to eat good things and take care of my body. Sometimes I don’t know the answers and, luckily, the staff of Seeds and Greens is sag4qualified and knowledgeable. I am constantly looking for something to sate my sweet tooth, yet cutting back on sugar leaves me feverishly searching the couch cushions for long lost M&Ms. I have found sugar substitute snacks and local honey in the aisles of Seeds and Greens as well as all kinds of veggie chips, hummus chips and lots of things that make me want to be a better cook. I have even found my favorite liquid soap, Peaceful Patchouli by Kiss My Face.

Seeds and Greens Natural Market and Deli is a great resource for our community. In addition to being very helpful and knowledgeable, they offer free classes on Saturdays, featuring Seeds and Greens staff and local expert. Upcoming classes include how to make your own lip balm, spray lotions and sugar and salt scrubs, taught by staff member Maegan Ehalt. Dr. Peter Swanz will talk about detox and fasting as well as homeopathics with a focus on cold and flu, and Ruth Ann Watson will guide a discussion on essential oils. Did I mention they were all free classes? Check the website and Facebook for updated schedules and save me a seat – I need a good lip balm.

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